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Welcome to The Average Guy Adventures


I am just an average guy that has an insatiable love for the outdoors and trying to be more than average.  Whether it be hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail, finding a new waterfall that nobody knows about, climbing to the top of a hill or mountain for a spectacular view, or just floating down the river on my kayak, if its outdoors I want to be doing it.

It is my goal to share this passion that I have for all the wonderful things we have in the Pacific Northwest that are mostly just right out our back doors.  Some things you will probably know about, and hopefully some things you wont.  Let me be your guide to some awesome things, and motivate you to get out and enjoy nature and all that we have around us.

Along with finding some awesome adventures that just about anyone can do, I want to help teach you important skills for enjoying your time outdoors.

Things I will include are:

  • Equipment that I use.
  • How I pick my adventures and mapping tools.
  • Food (From snacks, to where we go to get a beer afterwards, to my favorite breakfast places before an adventure)
  • Handy tips and tricks for safe fun adventuring
  • Anything else I can thing of to motivate and help people get out there and have their own adventures.

So please follow me in my “average guy adventures” and hopefully create some of your own!