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A Quick Saturday Adventure

A Quick Saturday Adventure

on Dec 15, 2013

It’s amazing what you can find out in the woods if you just go a few feet off the road.  Saturday, Stalker and I decided to do just that.  We met up and headed off into the Clackamas Wilderness to find some adventure, some cool sights and scope out some potential future explorations.  We had no actual plan but found some really cool stuff just wandering around.

Stalker and I had debated for a few days what we were going to do on Saturday.  There was the possibility that he might have to work and I had to be back to town around 2pm so our options were limited.  We eventually decided to just head out into the wilderness and drive around and stop when we found something interesting.

Our journey took us out past Estacada to the Clackamas Wilderness.  We had decided on a general area and were both thinking pretty much the same thing.  We didn’t want to commit to a long hike but we wanted to have some fun and do some exploring.

We got to Fish Creek Road (this has the trailhead to the Clackamas River Trail) and decided to start by following it to where the old road had been washed out and maybe take a little hike and explore the old road.  Before we got there we had to stop to get our first pictures of the day.  Across Fish Creek there was another stream that ran into it.  Normally, eh, not a big deal but this time the stream was frozen.  We were intrigued.

We snapped a few pictures but really needed to get going to more interesting things.  We both wished that we could cross the creek and go exploring up the stream but that wasn’t really in the cards for this day.  We would have to come back at a later time.

As we continued down the road we saw a couple more frozen streams and a few things up the hillside more that looked like they might be some sort of waterfall.  I think it was probably just small trickles of water that normally you wouldn’t notice, but once it is frozen it looks pretty spectacular.

Soon we came to the next couple frozen wonders.

On the left hand side of the road there was a nice frozen stream, or small waterfall… or something.  It was pretty neat looking and of course we had to stop and get more pictures!  We went to the other side of the road to check out the river and discovered an awesome frozen drainage pipe.

After we played around there for a while we continued on up the road seeking new adventure.  The next awesome view we got was of the clouds on the other side of the valley with the trees sticking up.


From there we kept going and went exploring down some roads.  We didn’t find too much interesting but it was fun to see where they went.

Soon we were back on the main road and came across a creek we thought would be pretty cool and stopped to get yet more pictures.  As we were wandering around we looked down the canyon and found more ice!  We had to go investigate closer.

We climbed down and ran into these nasty vine things.  I am not sure what they are but they are spiny and hurt.  Unfortunately we both realized a bit too late that we should have brought gloves and had to be careful climbing around these stupid alien looking things.

Once we got up a ways off the bottom of the little ravine we didn’t have to worry about them.  Then we had frozen ground and a very steep grade to contend with.  Fortunately we both got to the ice formation with no real problem or injury.

When we got closer to the ice formations we realized they were right under the road we had just been driving on.  We would have never noticed them if we hadn’t stopped to look around.  We also saw that the ice went on for a lot further than we thought.

We proceeded to climb around and get some cool pictures.

frozenfunWe finished up with these ice formations and headed up the road further.  Soon we came to the last of our icy joys for the day.  This was a pretty badass frozen stream with a large frozen spot down at the bottom.

We got out and did our best not to fall and kill ourselves as we inspected it.  Stalker tried to climb farther up to get a cool picture with Creepy (His evil clown that he now insists on bringing with him on our adventures.) but didn’t have a lot of luck.  There were more of the spine-vines to one side and more ice on the other side.

 We played around here for a bit.  We debated whether or not we should try to climb further up the hill but we were running short on time so we decided to slide down the ice instead.

I have to say that my North Face tech pants are very good at sliding on ice.  The downside is that my butt got really cold, but it was fun and worth it.

Next, Stalker brought out Creepy to get a picture or two.  I did my best to rid the world of this clowny evil but didn’t quite get the job done.  I am sure I will have more opportunities in the future.


After this stop we had to turn around and head home.  Stalker had to go to work and I had some other afternoon plans to get to.  All in all it was a great short little Saturday adventure.  We will be sure to try to get out and do some more of these soon.  It’s amazing what you can find when you walk off the road just a few feet up in the Clackamas Wilderness.