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An abandoned building and the GC1EWZ9 Tunnel of Fun Geocache!

An abandoned building and the GC1EWZ9 Tunnel of Fun Geocache!

on Jan 26, 2014

This Saturday after breakfast, Heisenbaker and I decided it was time for a roadtrip and a little adventure.  Along our way we found a really cool abandoned old building, drove on a very scenic road, then met up with Stalker and Bones and risked our life for what I would have to classify as the best geocache I have ever gone after!fuelwide

So this week I have been researching interesting abandoned things in Oregon and found this really cool old abandoned fuel storage building in Vernonia.  Stalker and I enjoy finding old abandoned things but he had to work in the morning so I grabbed Heisenbaker and off we went to go explore this cool looking old abandoned building.  We didn’t really have any solid plans or time schedule, so after a late breakfast we headed out.abandoned

To get to this neat building you pretty much just drive to Vernonia, go to the city park and you can see it from the parking lot.  It costs $5 to park there for the day use fee. (We didn’t pay it ’cause we didn’t have $5 and were fine but during the busy season when things are open there I would definitely pay the fee.)  Once you pay for parking, you take the path arond the pond to the right and you will see this big looming abandoned looking thing.

There are some other things around there that look pretty neat but they were pretty well overgrown with blackberry bushes and we didn’t feel like being sliced to death by thorns on this particular adventure.

Once we got to the structure we noticed that there were a couple of “No Trespassing” signs above the door that we (and obviously everyone else) ignored and we went inside.  It was pretty cool inside, both literally and figuratively.  I could feel the temperature drop and it was really neat to be in a building that had trees growing in it.  It almost seemed like we had stepped into some ruins in Narnia or something.

heisencreepWe poked around for a while and got some pictures.  As you can see we both had a lot of fun.  Me being a dork, and her being creepy.  (It was an unintentional creepy, we didn’t even notice until tonight when I was looking through the pictures on the computer.)

After we were done messing around in there we decided to go find a couple Geocaches in the area.  The first one we didn’t find, the second one we did.

We had a pleasant walk around the pond and eventually made our way back to the car and decided that we should probably head out for the rest of our adventure.

Stalker had messaged me saying it didn’t sound promising that he would be able to join us.  Our original plan was to meet up, eat lunch and then go find the “Tunnel of Fun” Geocache, bop around the coast for a while and then head home.  His work unfortunately had other plans and he initially had to cancel, so we headed off on our own without a new plan or a care in the world.

We decided that it would be a really pretty drive from Vernonial to Astoria and maybe we could find something to do there, or maybe we would find something cool along the way to check out.

Along the way we did pass through a little… I guess it was a cluster of houses that looked like they were abandoned and ready to be explored. (I will be going back to check them out.) We also passed a neat little waterfall off the side of the road, and lots of twists, turns and beautiful countryside.  We both enjoyed the drive and the amazing scenery.  We were very lucky to have such a lovely sunny day in the middle of January.

Eventually we made it to Astoria and droe into town to find a place for a snack and a restroom.  By this time Stalker had gotten off work in time to come meet up with us and find the “Tunnel of Fun” so we coordinated a meeting.
Stalker’s work delay actually worked out well.  We met Stalker and Bones at the highway 26/Highway 101 interchange and headed south on Highway 101.  This particular Geocach is underneath the highway between Cannon Beach and Nehalem Bay.geocachephoto

Once we got there we took some time to enjoy the views and try to figure out where we were going.  You can pretty much see where the people are in this picture where we had to go and how to get there.

I will admit that once I saw where we had to go and how high up the cliff we were I became a bit nervous.  I am not going to say that heights don’t bother me but normally I do pretty well.  I am not one to go tightrope walking or doing stupid things but I will say this made me a little hesitant.  Of course, then I looked at my arm and my tattoo that says, “I will face my fear, and it will pass through me, and when its gone, there will be nothing, only I will remain.”  I had to live up to the statement that I so often make.  We were going down there to get this Geocache.header2

Really, it was a lot of fun.  I learned about my healthy fear of heights.  Heisenbaker and Bones learned about their fear of rat poo and stalker didn’t fall and kill himself.

We found the Geocache and signed the log and took some pictures and poked around this really interesting cave underneath the highway.  We were fascinated at the interesting sound the cars made when they drove over us.  It was not at all what we expected.  We were also very intersted to know that highway 101 is held up by a bunch of crappy lumber  in this section.

After we had our fill of adventure in the Tunnel of Fun we decided it was time to head back up the cliff back to our cars.  By the time we got to the top we had quite a crowd watching our antics from the viewpoint area.

We had a couple people come over and ask us what was down there.  We told them they should go down and check it out and they politely declined.  I have to say I was quite impressed with my badass wife Heisenbaker as this kinda climbing and life risking is not usually her cup of tea but she handled it better than I did I think.  I have to say I enjoy it when we take adventures together and I hope she is willing to risk life and limb with me more often!

MG_2659It was getting late and we needed to get home.  We parted ways with Stalker and Bones at this point and headed down to Highway 53.  This is a kick ass highway.  It has some awesome scenery and some great twisty windy roads through the Tillamook Forest.  I was definitly putting our Impreza’s all-wheel-drive and sporty suspension to good use on these roads.

Finally we made it back home and were starving.  We had plans with some friends that night and not much time for cooking dinner so we stopped at my favorite burger place, Killer Burger, in Sellwood.  It was delicious as always and a great end to our adventures for the day!

So in summary, cool abandoned buildings with trees in them, twisty windy roads, perfect weather, adrenaline inciting cliffs, and delicious hamburgers made for the perfect Saturday Average Guy Adventure this week.

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