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My Story.

The Average Guy

The Average Guy

This is my story as an average guy.

I am just a normal guy that works a 40 hour a week job, has a wife, a house and lives a pretty average life.

I have decided life is more than just being average and I am going to follow my dreams, set some pretty loft goals and live life to its fullest.  These goals and dreams consist of hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, running, obstacle races and even triathlons.  Even though I am an average guy I am striving to be more.  So far I am succeeding.

My goal here is to prove to people that even if you are just an “average guy” (or girl) you can get out there and be more than average and do some not so average things.  Hopefully I can motivate other people to get out there and be more than just an average person, stretch themselves to do things they didn’t think they may be able to do, take adventures they never thought they would take, and live life to its fullest!

So come with me and follow my adventures, learn that you don’t have to be “average”, that you can strive to be more and succeed!