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What the heck!  I am gonna do a triathlon!

What the heck! I am gonna do a triathlon!

on Jan 16, 2014

So its 2014 and I have set my goals for myself for this year.  There are 5k’s scattered about, some obstacle runs, a lot of hiking and fun things of that nature… but the big one for me this year is going to be my first triathlon! “What makes you crazy enough to want to do a triathlon?” you may ask. Well I have a few different reasons. Reason #1:  In 2012 I was tired of being fat and lazy and bought a bike.  I rode it and went from 260lbs to 225lbs from October to July and then have stayed there.  I admittedly have not been really great about eating proper all the time and have since been slacking more than I should on the bike because I have had no goals.  Last year my goal was to ride a century (100 miles) and after I was done… meh, I just kinda lost motivation I guess.  (That, and I was tired.  Don’t tell anyone.)  This year I would like to get down to at least 200lbs and I figure this is a great goal to set to do it.  This goal will force me to eat right and exercise, and it adds more to the workouts than just my legs. Reason #2:  It sounds like fun.  This last year and few months I have discovered a fun world of exercise that I never knew existed and have made new friends with it and I like it a lot.  My favorite run last year was the Warrior Dash and had so much fun that as soon as I could sign up for the 2014 one I did.  I like to mix things up a bit; I get bored easily so this has three different things so I will keep entertained. Reason #3:  Honestly, how many people can say they have done a triathlon??  I totally want the bragging rights. Reason #4: Lately, I feel the need to challenge myself more and more mentally and physically and this to me seems like a very good way of accomplishing that goal. Reason #5:  Apparently I had just too much free time in my schedule and felt the need to fill it...

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